Services & Rates

What makes our prices such a good value?

We post our Flat rate prices up front for residential and commercial cleaning services.

  • No hidden fees.
  • No hidden agendas.
  • No underpaid undocumented Workers.
  • No cheap or re-used unsanitary supplies.

While other companies sell our allergen removal treatment as a separate package, we extend it at no extra charge to our clients as part of our regular price around your home, office, by cleaning your carpets and couches and removing cobwebs.
*Mattress cleaning are not included in regular cleanings*

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*Sales tax must be added to prices below.

Task Price
WALL WASHING Per Sq. ft. 0.10 cents Light soil
0.15 cents Medium
0.20 cents Heavy
CABINET CLEANING IN AND OUT $15 In- out per each.
Carpet cleaning 0.40 Cents sq. ft.
Tile cleaning
Power washing
Window washing
High- detail light fixtures
Shower curtain
Wash blinds
Hood fan
0.40 cents sq. ft.
On- site
On- site
On- site
$15.00 each.

*Allergen removal treatment: is our special equipment: the Kirby system that removes dirt and allergens as far as 8 inches deep over any surface. We use electrostatically charged polypropalene HEPA filters that keep dust and allergen magnetically drawn into the equipment and it’s not spread around your home or office like regular vacuums.

Non- flat rate:

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Power Washing
  • Computer Services
  • Home Theater and TV Installation
  • Security cameras installation