Welcome to Get It Cleaned, New Jersey’s most trusted residential and commercial cleaning service for over 2 years.  We offer a wide range of cleaning services at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on high quality cleaning standards; our cleaning services will surpass your expectations.“We clean to impress, we do not cut corners , we clean them!”.

Special Packages

Weekly and bi-weekly clients only
$150.00 Budget Cleaning $220.00 Value Cleaning $330.00 Premium Cleaning
2 Maids 2 Maids 2 Maids
4 Combined Cleaning Hours 6 Combined cleaning Hours 8 Combined cleaning Hours
All Equipment Included All Equipment Products Included All Equipment Products Included
Value Price: $180.00 All Cleaning Included All Cleaning Included
Value Price: $270.00 Bed making up to (3)
Value Price: $360.00
You Save $30.00! You Save $50.00!


You Save $30.00!

 Once you see how we change your quality of life, you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us before!
At Get It Cleaned, you can afford cleaning services without compromising quality, convenience or safety!